4 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Reading the Bible

In Sunday school, I learned that it was important to read the Bible, but the question I always had was, how do you do it?

As I mentioned in my testimony, our church has a tradition of giving Bibles to 3rd graders. I wouldn’t have minded an instruction pamphlet when I got mine. Although I loved to read, my earliest attempts to read the Bible were not successful.

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A Letter to the Youth Group Leaders

Dear youth group leader, 

There are many wonderful qualities about you. 

First, your volition to spend time around teenagers. Teenagers are a difficult group to minister to. Some adults think teenagers are self-absorbed and unwilling to learn. You see something different. You see that teenagers are part of the church too, and you seek to guide them. 

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Is It Ok to Have Questions?

My youth leader gave everyone an index card. “Write a question,” he said. “It could be a question about God, a random question, or even a silly one. These cards are anonymous.” 

There were many questions I had that I was too shy to ask, so I was grateful to be able to ask them on paper. I took the index card and wrote my question: “Why is there an Old Testament?” and dropped it in the box. A few weeks later we had the Question Night I mentioned in my testimony and I got an answer. 

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